RVK Significantly Expands Employee Ownership

RVK announced the addition of 11 new shareholders, bringing the total number of professionals with equity ownership in the firm to 35—the highest in the company’s 36-year history.

In announcing this expansion of the firm’s shareholder base, RVK CEO Becky Gratsinger said, “This reflects our firm’s commitment to remain both independent and 100% employee owned. These attributes make RVK unique among the major investment consulting firms in the US and reaffirm our unwavering focus on providing thoroughly researched and objective investment advice and support to institutional clients.” Becky added that “With the consolidation of many investment consulting firms into larger corporations pursuing many other lines of business, clients continue to be attracted to our firm’s independence and deliberate alignment with their interests; attributes which will only be enhanced by our continued expansion of employee ownership”.

“The RVK professionals added to our ownership ranks join an employee ownership group drawn from every major practice and research area of the firm”, said Jim Voytko, the firm’s President. “This illustrates the continued growth of outstanding talent across the entire firm in our general investment consulting practice, our specialty consulting practices, and our dedicated research groups”.