Capital Markets Review

Current Issue: January 2024
Global equity markets posted mixed results during January, with large-cap indices in developed markets posting modest gains, while smaller-cap stocks in developed markets, as well as stocks in emerging markets, pulled back slightly. Globally, growth stocks tended to outperform their value counterparts...
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Investment Perspectives

Current Issue: Downside Protection in Public Equity

Equity market volatility has returned to the top of investor concerns following the correction caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the recent equity market drawdown in the midst of persistent inflation and tightening monetary policy. In normal market conditions, it can be difficult for investors to remain...
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Current Issue: 2024 Capital Market Assumptions

Every calendar year RVK produces long-term forward-looking capital market assumptions through a rigorous multi-step process that draws on both quantitative economic and financial inputs as well as qualitative comparisons and analysis... Click Here to Access Full Library