Capital Markets Review

Current Issue: 4th Quarter 2022
During Q4, equity and fixed income markets delivered improved results while continuing to experience elevated volatility. However, the positive returns for the quarter came on the tail of a year that yielded significantly negative returns for many investors. Global equities ended 2022 with...
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Investment Perspectives

Current Issue: Downside Protection in Public Equity

Equity market volatility has returned to the top of investor concerns following the correction caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the recent equity market drawdown in the midst of persistent inflation and tightening monetary policy. In normal market conditions, it can be difficult for investors to remain...
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Current Issue: Perspective on Market Performance in Recessions

Surveys of economists and fund managers, as well as forecasts from economic think tanks, increasingly point to a growing likelihood that the US economy could face economic contraction sometime in the next year. The Conference Board predicted in October of 2022 that there is a 96% probability of recession...