Capital Markets Review

Current Issue: October 2023
Global equity markets pulled back in October, with most US and international indices experiencing low to mid-single digit losses. Both in the US and abroad, small-cap stocks underperformed their larger-cap counterparts, and the S&P 500 Index logged its first three-month losing streak since early 2020. Bond markets also...
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Investment Perspectives

Current Issue: Downside Protection in Public Equity

Equity market volatility has returned to the top of investor concerns following the correction caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the recent equity market drawdown in the midst of persistent inflation and tightening monetary policy. In normal market conditions, it can be difficult for investors to remain...
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Current Issue: 2023 Q3 Plan Sponsor Peer Group Analysis

Each quarter RVK utilizes peer group data to provide clients with a comparison of similar funds’ performance. Each client group listed is comprised of funds under the same category; the broad All Master Trust category includes Corporate, Healthcare, Taft Hartley Defined Benefit, Health & Welfare, High Net Worth, Insurance... Click Here to Access Full Library