RVK Podcast: Joe Ledgerwood and Britt Vriesman

Two of RVK’s seasoned professionals—Joe Ledgerwood, Director of Investment Manager Research, and Britt Vriesman, Manager Research Consultant—were recently featured in a podcast, entitled Customized Recommendations: Exploring RVK's Inclusive Strategy in Investment Consulting. The podcast delves deep into the intricacies of manager research and illuminates our firm’s sophisticated approach to helping clients meet their diverse investment objectives and goals. It offers an in-depth look at how RVK employs rigorous analytical methods and innovative thinking in manager research.

Joe and Britt discuss how our research team diligently evaluates investment opportunities, verifying that each recommendation aligns not only with market trends but also with the unique needs and risk profiles of our clients. They emphasize RVK’s commitment to delivering actionable, forward-thinking advice that navigates the complexities of the financial markets.

We hope you enjoy getting to know some of the “people behind finance” as you watch this podcast, located here: