Outsourced CIO Search

RVK provides a range of services to institutions who are evaluating Outsourced CIO (OCIO) options. OCIO Managers vary widely in the services and products they offer, and a thorough, planned search effort is important. RVK’s OCIO Search Team can help you in three principal ways:
  • Helping design your OCIO strategy
  • Evaluating and selecting OCIO managers, and
  • Monitoring and reporting the performance of your OCIO managed investment program.

RVK can help to streamline your OCIO evaluation process. We also bring expertise in OCIO selection garnered from experience in prior searches, and we maintain a unique up-to-date database of OCIO manager information. RVK charges a single, inclusive fee for our OCIO Search services, and ongoing fees for Monitoring and Reporting Services. If you would like a tailored price quote, or to learn more about RVK's OCIO Search capabilities, please contact the directly:

Outsourced CIO Search Team