OCIO E&M Services

We launched our OCIO search, evaluation, and monitoring practice in 2012 and have conducted over 50 projects across a variety of client types and asset sizes. We have expertise in advising complex projects, including the ability to begin work on projects at various stages of completion.

As a generally accepted definition, an OCIO solution refers to a package of services whereby an asset owner–fully or partially–delegates investment and/or operational decisions for a pool of assets to an investment consulting or asset management firm. RVK’s OCIO Evaluation and Monitoring Team focuses on several key areas, as shown below, to educate and assist clients with implementing the governance model that best suits their needs.

Foundational Education

  • OCIO landscape tutorial
  • Importance of governance structure
  • Distinguishing Implementation models
  • Understanding fee structures
  • Importance of Exit Terms

Search Process

  • Formalize your unique circumstances and objectives
  • Create a detailed workplan and customized deliverables
  • Develop a flexible RFP Process
  • Conduct in-depth evaluations on all aspects of OCIO Providers
  • Provide support through transition process to OCIO


  • Policy and governance compliance review
  • Six-factor evaluation process
  • Onsite OCIO interviews
  • Comprehensive, written findings report
  • Update on industry best practices