With over 7 years providing OCIO search and evaluation services and over 50 OCIO projects completed, RVK is a leader in the evaluation and selection of OCIO providers, bringing the resources and in-depth knowledge to deliver a thoughtful and comprehensive search and evaluation process.

We are well equipped and experienced to provide OCIO search and evaluation services and reports to meet your needs specifically given our:

  • OCIO Expertise and Proprietary Evaluation System - RVK possesses deep experience conducting complex evaluations and searches that produce an “apples-to-apples” report generated from our proprietary scoring and ranking system that analyzes such data as the size, structure, heritage, fees, and various investment models.
  • Deep Coverage of OCIO providers - We have evaluated over 50 different OCIO firms and we are in regular contact with a significant number of additional firms through our annual survey and outreach program. Through continual research, we are able to stay current on OCIO industry trends and best practices.
  • Team's Institutional Investment Experience - Our team’s diverse backgrounds as asset owners and investors aligns with the skills necessary to evaluate multi-asset class allocators like OCIO providers. Additionally, our team has extensive experience as lead advisors to intergenerational wealth pools, retirement assets, operating capital, and insurance reserve portfolios.
  • Benefits of Scale - Our team draws upon the broader resources of RVK, including our performance measurement and analytics team and investment manager research team. This enhances the quality of our work in areas such as investment manager research, performance reporting and analysis, and operational due diligence.
  • Customization - A hallmark of RVK’s OCIO Search and Evaluation projects is customization, which enables our process and RFP to incorporate each client’s specific needs and operational preferences.
  • Commitment to No Conflicts of Interest - RVK is committed to serving clients as a non-discretionary consultant. We are not an OCIO provider nor do we have financial arrangements with any investment managers or OCIO providers. RVK derives 100% of its revenue from client fees.