Alternative Assets Reporting

RVK has developed proprietary performance monitoring and reporting systems that provide our clients with customizable analyses of their alternative asset portfolios, including real estate and private equity. RVK's SQL-based system utilizes data from asset managers to provide clients with a detailed performance report. Using our custom templates, we query each investment in a client's portfolio for nearly 100 data points each quarter. Our custom reports detail summary fund-level data including investment structure, diversification, detailed leverage information including debt maturity schedules, balance sheet data and quarterly significant event information. Our robust reporting tools also detail quarterly contributions and distributions, as well as client-specific income, expenses, appreciation/depreciation, and fee information.

RVK is able to provide performance comparisons against a multitude of indices, as well as customized benchmarks. Additionally, we can assess alternative asset portfolio performance against peer group data. We note that when providing peer group comparisons to clients, your information is always anonymous with any identifying information redacted.