ESG Services

As part of our dedicated focus on client evolving needs and goals, RVK’s Sustainable Investment Solutions Group (SISG) works closely with clients to source, evaluate, and review asset managers that meet high standards for sustainable and ESG-integrated investing. As Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing continues to grow beyond exclusionary screens, RVK understands that asset owners can feel overwhelmed with changing standards and an onslaught of new products and services.

RVK believes clients should have the opportunity to steward assets in a manner that reflects their values and attempts to position a sustainable and resilient portfolio for years to come.

We believe that regular attention to ESG issues, and access to ESG data, can be valuable in investment decisions and key to pursuing a client’s values. ESG consideration, metrics, and factors can uncover weaknesses and strengths within investment opportunities, including many that were previously unquantifiable or sometimes disregarded. However, not all asset managers integrate ESG analysis and data in the same manner. RVK helps clients identify managers with strong research and integration methods.

RVK understands that ESG issues do not end with manager selection, thus our SISG helps develop policies and standards to support our clients’ ESG and long-term sustainable objectives. Additionally, the group develops new tools that help clients analyze ESG factors within their portfolios and how they align with their goals. Our team also keeps clients informed about changing regulations and best practices in the industry.

The SISG regularly holds phone calls and meetings with investment managers to evaluate their ESG skill and process. Members regularly attend conferences, speak on panels, and work with organizations dedicated to creating world-wide standards for ESG measurement.

SISG Capabilities:

        • ESG Education for Committees, Boards, and Trustees
        • Review of asset managers' ESG resources, skill, and integration methods
        • Assist with aligning investment policy with organizational values and mission
        • Evaluate ESG and climate data service providers
        • Evaluate proxy voting policies
        • Assist with transitions to a more sustainable investment portfolio
        • Explore partnerships to improve climate readiness of investment portfolios