Investment Policy

We have comprehensive experience in developing investment policies and objectives for our clients and believe that the development of an Investment Policy, Guidelines, and Objectives statement is one of the most important aspects of fiduciary responsibility.

We believe the statement should not only document investment goals, but also set a process for implementation. Accordingly, we spend considerable time with our clients ensuring that policy guidelines are up-to-date and are being followed. Regular review of the portfolio and the performance of its investment managers links the client's performance analysis report to its Investment Policy Statement. Our task is to verify that the document reflects the culture and objectives of your organization.

RVK's first priority in designing investment policies is to work closely with a client’s board, committee, or staff to develop a statement that focuses on the steps necessary to achieve its portfolio investment goals. Our firm also offers customized reports, detailing the objectives set forth in the Investment Policy Statement and the plan's experience over any time period.