High Net Worth Clients

RVK has been providing investment consulting services to high net worth clients for over 30 years. Our experience provides us insight into the challenges facing high net worth clients and enables us to tailor our full suite of services to their unique requirements. RVK works with each client at the outset of a relationship to develop a deep understanding of their investment objectives, as well as any constraints and preferences that may impact their portfolios and preferred investment solutions.

Of the many services we provide, within our asset allocation modeling studies, we have the capability to provide custom after-tax capital market assumptions in addition to the standard assumptions we use for pre-tax models. Assumptions for taxation can be customized and informed by current investment managers and their turnover attributes. We also understand that in the taxable investor world, changing asset allocations can take time and needs to be coordinated with cash flow planning, investment managers for security turnover impacts, and discussions with our clients’ family offices and/or tax professionals. We also are cognizant of security and other investment concentrations that may be present in family portfolios due to past wealth generation and the need to wisely integrate diversification plans in a tax aware and forward planning fashion.

ADV Part 3 (Form CRS)