Investment Manager Research

A thoughtful match between client objectives and investment managers sets the stage for positive outcomes. RVK's dedicated, in-house Investment Manager Research (IMR) team has extensive experience in identifying, evaluating, and monitoring investments across traditional and alternative asset classes. Given this expertise, our research professionals are also able to provide broad asset class research and education for consulting teams and clients.

Our research process is both dynamic and evolving. IMR generally conducts two types of on-going research: new idea generation and on-going monitoring. Our research professionals assess all products based on quality of the firm, product, philosophy, process, ESG capabilities, investment professionals, and historical performance. We spend a significant amount of time on manager due diligence in order to focus on the elements necessary to recommend specific investment products to our clients.

Our comprehensive due diligence process relies on a combination of quantitative and qualitative evaluation techniques. Through detailed questionnaires, in-person meetings in our offices, conference calls, and virtual or on-site due diligence meetings, we seek to understand the various aspects of the strategy and how the team is able to produce its returns. Demonstrating the ability to provide fundamental research beyond reviewing numbers in a database has proven to add value to our research process and ultimately for our clients.

While IMR follows a formal review process, our due diligence process is perpetual. We continually meet with managers to identify meaningful changes in strategy, staff, organizational attributes, and performance. Additionally, the research process often helps identify trends, positive or negative, that are developing within an asset class. We utilize this information to help evaluate performance in the context of style.

IMR shares its research and recommendations with both clients and the consulting staff to create an environment of information sharing and stimulate intellectual conversation among our professional staff on trends, solutions, and new ideas. While we do maintain a short list of managers who are approved for inclusion in client portfolios, recommendations are customized to each client's specific needs; therefore, a fixed slate of pre-approved managers are not recommended for each opportunity.

If you are an Investment Manager, please contact our Investment Manager Research Team.