Defined Contribution Plans

RVK has extensive experience working with participant-directed defined contribution plans. It takes expertise and knowledge of this still-developing marketplace to effectively navigate its continual evolution and regulatory changes. In an effort to address these needs, RVK created the Defined Contribution Solutions Group.

We created this Group because we believe that it is not sufficient to provide the same research and solutions to defined contribution clients that are provided to other defined benefit, endowment, or foundation clients. The Group, dedicated to conducting research and providing solutions within the retirement space, has placed significant emphasis on combating a number of challenges that impact both participants and plan sponsors today, such as inadequate savings rates, poor participation rates, and the need for income solutions in retirement.

While we do not believe there is a one size fits all solution to combat these challenges, we do believe that placing significant emphasis on evaluating and enhancing key factors such as plan menu design, investment management, third party administration, and participant education and communication can yield positive results. To address many of these factors, RVK has a long history of offering the following services to clients:

  • Fiduciary Policy Development and Implementation
  • Plan Structure
  • Menu Gap Analysis
  • Best Practice Reviews
  • Industry Trend Analysis
  • Third Party Administrator Review and/or Searches
  • Investment Selection and Monitoring
  • Fee Analysis
  • Participant Education and Communications
  • Custom TRD, and/or White Label
  • DC Plan Design and Implementation
  • Regulatory Research

As it is evident that this marketplace will continue to evolve, we seek to stay at the forefront of industry trends and collaboratively work with clients to implement plan enhancements and achieve their unique objectives, while growing our own resources and expertise.